Core Insights


We have a passion for teaching you what you can do yourself to strengthen your health and well-being on many levels. Cultivating your awareness and expanding your understanding can make any health issue a journey of self-discovery.

We support you in developing a deeper relationship with yourself at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your being. As strength and understanding develop from the inside out, you become more self-sufficient in building your health and maintaining your peace of mind.

The articles in this section offer new information and awareness as part of that support. Here's a brief synopsis of each article:

Is Your Health Challenge Actually a Gift? – A New Way to Look at Difficult Situations
Whether we have a headache, indigestion or back pain, there's a reason why it's there. If we pause to inquire, we can discover the true causes and reap lasting benefits from this whole-person approach. Find out how your annoying symptoms might really be blessings in disguise.

Life Health – Healing on All Four LevelsYour Inner Path to Healing
The prevailing mindset in healthcare today focuses on getting rid of symptoms. At Graceful Way Healing Arts, we know there is more to it than that.

Most health challenges have several hidden causes working together to create the condition. The diagram depicts the different levels of your being that may require attention to dissolve the health or life issue at its core.

­­­Physical factors like spinal health, diet and exercise are very important, but they are usually only a part of the puzzle. The deeper causes are found on the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual levels of your being.

By digging a little deeper, the blocks to full physical healing can be released. You can find your wholeness, and a balanced approach you can use to keep yourself healthier in the future. This is truly holistic care.

9 Healing Powers You Already Have – How You Can Make Any Healing Process Easier and More Productive
Find out about the healing powers that you already have within you. Using and developing these innate gifts can transform your relationship to health problems and life's challenges. Welcome to the interactive school of natural healing, where you are one of the main healers!