Nine Healing Powers You Already Have

How You Can Make Any Healing Process Easier and More Productive
© Dane Roubos, D.C.

Seeing the best knock-your-socks-off healer on the planet may not have lasting results if you aren’t engaged in your own healing process and empowered to maintain your gains in the coming weeks. A beautiful way to be “engaged” is to use these healing powers that you already have within you. Not sure what they are? Let’s take a tour!

This is the simple act of becoming conscious of something – you may notice that you don’t “feel right” physically or emotionally. Maybe you catch a judgmental thought or feel the beginnings of a knot in your stomach. Now that you’re aware of it, you can learn from it and do something to shift its effect.

Nothing is likely to improve in your life if you are not aware of it. Awareness is the first step in any healing or change process. You can cultivate awareness by “checking in” with your body or “heart” on a regular basis. “What am I thinking and feeling?” is a useful question.*

If you’re like most folks, you probably tend to resist anything you don’t like. Your tolerance for pain, limitation or illness may be rather short-lived. You may even find yourself feeling angry and trying to push your symptoms away or get rid of them. But the old saying is true, “What you resist, persists!”

Accepting a health problem that’s confronting you, and being curious about why it’s there, opens you up to new discoveries and potential healing. Perhaps there’s a message for you in the illness. You will never know if you don’t take a little time to explore it.

Accepting your health challenges doesn't mean you quit working toward your healing. It simply means you’re willing to see these challenges as potential allies in your growth, bearing useful information and experiences, rather than enemies that must be attacked.

It’s easy to forget about gratitude when you’re busy trying to deal with the challenges that tend to crop up in life. Gratitude helps to keep your focus positive, attracts even more for you to appreciate, loosens up things that are stuck in your life, and generally helps you feel better all the way around.

I once heard of a man in his nineties who had exceptionally good health. When asked how he did it, he said, “Every morning when I wake up, I think about all that I have to be grateful for, until tears come to my eyes!” Do your best to set aside a few minutes a day to feel and express your gratitude for the blessings you already have in your life, including your challenges!

Curiosity & Willingness
These are two aspects of being open-minded. Seeing something in a new light is often the key to breakthroughs in your life. Being curious as to what is hidden underneath your resistance to something can help you to heal old wounds and free yourself for action.

You can be willing to embrace what life serves up to you, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Perhaps you’d be willing to explore a hidden fear that’s been holding you back. Curiosity opens the door, and willingness helps you walk through it.

Courage is doing something that’s important to you, even though you feel scared of doing it.

Sometimes a health issue is the result of something you have been ignoring or running away from. Like a bad dream where the monster is chasing you, perhaps it’s time to stop, turn around, and face it.

Courage is related to Commitment to yourself, wherein you keep taking your next steps, even though part of you wants to run away. You build your courage and commitment by tackling “bite-sized” pieces so you can experience success and strengthen your confidence.

Most people in our culture are trained not to express their real feelings. Storing emotions inside creates stress and has a heavy impact on your health. Stress is thought to be a big factor in ninety percent of all illness.

Conversely, allowing yourself to feel your true feelings and share them with trusted friends in a responsible and respectful way releases stress, removes walls, and develops intimacy – all great healing agents. It’s OK to be “who you really are,” and it’s healthy, too.

Love & Compassion
Dealing with chronic pain or other health challenges may bring up your Inner Critic, which likes to point out how you made yourself sick or that you aren’t doing enough to get better.*

From a space of love and compassion, it’s easier to see the potential gift in a health issue or life challenge, and understand that it’s an opportunity to bring healing to some old issues (which might include your inner critic!).

At the heart of your health concern, there might be a vulnerable part of yourself that is asking for healing. Holding a space of love will help it to feel safe enough to make its needs known.

Saying, “No, thank you!” to self-critical thoughts and maintaining a state of compassion for yourself will strengthen your inner peace and free up more energy for healing.

Trust is a difficult thing for many people. This is about Trust in a sacred partnership, between you and your spiritual Source. Please take a moment and ponder your spiritual Source – who or what that might be for you. Here is your source of courage, joy, and even your very life. If you’re not a religious or spiritual person, you could simply call it Love, Truth or Peace.

It’s much easier to make hard choices and follow your intuition when you cultivate a sense of your spiritual Source guiding and supporting you along the way. If you don’t feel you have a connection with your spiritual Source, you can develop one.*

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your mind loves to justify why your life, relationships, etc haven’t turned out the way you expected. If so, you may also notice a tendency to blame yourself, others, or circumstances for the outcome.

The process of forgiveness begins in the mind with a decision to work in that direction. This often comes about when you realize what it’s costing you to carry old anger or resentment around inside. This is background stress that doesn’t go away, until it’s healed.

If you are blaming someone else for your circumstances, it’s not really possible for you to take responsibility for improving things. Judging or blaming yourself or others also makes it harder for you to access your own healing powers.

Forgiveness cannot be done with the mind alone. It is usually a gradual process that engages your heart on many levels. One of the most important people for you to forgive may be yourself.

Now that you’ve been reminded of these resources, you will likely notice opportunities to use them in your life. Some of them may already be well-developed for you. Others will need to be strengthened through intentional practice as things come up in your life.

You can ask 2-3 special people in your life to gently remind you to connect with these inner resources if you seem to be forgetting. It takes time to create new habits, so please be patient with yourself. when you get off-track.

Each of us at Graceful Way has navigated our own challenges for decades, and have made our share of mistakes. We have benefited tremendously from the coaching and healing we’ve received along the way.

Now we offer our support to you as you develop your own powers for healing. We can team up with you to help with those aspects of healing that you cannot do for yourself. We have many wonderful tools to catalyze your personal healing process and to help you achieve the health goals you desire, in a more Graceful Way.

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