EMF Protection

Effective Protection from Cell Phones, Computers and Other Electronic Devices

Dane Roubos, D.C.      GracefulWayHealingArts.com

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere these days, and in higher doses than ever before. Four billion of us are using a cell phone! We love our cell phone, computers and all manner of wireless devices. They're incredibly convenient, and amazingly talented at what they do.

Unfortunately, these devices are also very talented at spreading invisible radiation for several hundred feet in all directions. In the case of cell phone towers, it is several miles.

Some people are highly sensitive to these frequencies, but most of us don't feel them. The government and the nice people who make and sell them claim they're safe. So what's the big deal? Besides, we love our cell phones, computers, wireless routers and all the other goodies! We don't want to give them up!

They claimed cigarettes were safe, too
The same for thousands of drugs, mercury-containing vaccines & dental fillings, cosmetics with lead, nuclear reactors, and a zillion other things that were eventually proven to be extremely dangerous.

I'm not going to go into the dangers of EMF's here, but provide you some links at the end of this article if you would like to learn more about the issue. I highly recomment that you take a little time to do this, because your health (and your family's health) is most likely already being negatively impacted by electromagnetic radiation, whether you know it or not. That's the bad news.

Here's Some Good News
Image: Voice Frequency Protection Chip  The good news is that there are effective ways to protect yourself from much of the EMF radiation. We can continue to enjoy the benefits of our electronic gadgets, while greatly reducing their negative impact on our bodies.

One of these technologies is called Cel-Factor. Here's an interesting study, which demonstrated this protection visibly.

In the double-blind study, a naturopathic physician performed a series of Live Blood Cell evaluations using a special darkfield microscope. Blood samples were taken 15 minutes after each person used their cell phone. 99% of the time, free-radical damage to the red blood cell membranes was seen. It remained over a two-hour period of observation.

Blood samples from people who had a Cel-Factor device on their phone showed no sign of damage. In other words, the doctor could readily see whether the sample was from a person who had been using a protected cell phone or not.

We know this doctor personally, and trust their abilities and integrity. We did our own tests, using the Cel-Factor on our own phones and found great improvement using muscle testing and energetic sensitivity.

Some Cell Phones Need A Second Chip
Image: Data Frequency Protection Chip  Phones that do internet browsing require an additional "data" chip to protect against the different  frequencies involved. The two types of chips are designed to harmonize the different signals of voice and data with the human energy field. The do not block the signal, but render it harmonious with your body.

Using muscle testing and energetic sensitivity, we tested an iPhone with these chips and found they made a huge difference in the quality of the energy field.

The iPhone has a particularly strong signal, because it's used as a "repeater" by the tower. Your phone not only sends and receives its own signals, but also relays signals to other phones in the area.  This means it's in transmit mode more of the time, which accounts for the stonger signal.

Other Uses for the Chips
The Octagon (Voice): cell phones, all cordless/wireless phones along with their bases, and baby monitors.

The Square (Data) is  effective on laptop and desktop computers, wireless routers, keyboards, etc.

Ariel put a Data Chip underneath the mousepad (on the bottom of the comptuer) of the laptop she hated because it hurt her hands and arms. She was pleased to find that the irritating emissions from the machine immediately decreased by about 80%.

Free Testing for Your Cell Phone
We are now carrying these EMF protectors in our office. We offer free testing to see if you would benefit from phone would benefit from their use. If you aren't signed up for internet access on your phone, a single Voice Chip should be adequate.

Invest in Your Health
It takes an average of 10 years before EMF-related tumors make themselves known. Please don't wait to find out the hard way. The chips are $40 apiece, or 3 for $100.

Call Ariel now to have us test your phone, or to order the Cel-Factor protective chips for your family.


Safety Tips

  • Use appropriate protection on your cell phone and other electronic devices.
  • Don't allow children (especially young ones) to use a cell phone on a regular basis. Their developing brains are particularly sensitive to the affects of electromagnetic radiation. The microwaves actually raise the temperature in the brain where the cell phone is being held.
  • Use the speakerphone mode and hold the phone a foot ot two away from your body. This drastically reduces the effects of the radiation.
  • Avoid living or working within a half-mile of a cell phone tower (some say that within 5 miles can have health effects). Multiple towers or antennas within a radius compounds the problem. (see search link  below)
  • If you have wireless internet in your home, turn the router off at night, or when the signal is not going to be used for a period of time.
  • Don't use a microwave oven. They spew electromagnetic radiation a considerable distance.

Learn More
Visit http://antennasearch.com to locate cell phone towers and antennas near you. Be sure to check both. Always check this before you commit to move to a different  home.

Dr. Mercola has a lot of information on EMF's on his website: Mercola.com. You will probably have to register and sign up for his email newsletter in order to access his huge library of health-related articles and videos. He seems to be a straight-shooter with a lot of good natural health information. Search his site for EMF, electromagnetic, cell phone and related terms. You will be surprised by what you find.

Resonance – Beings of Frequency (documentary film – 1.5 hr)
This excellent video is loaded with information on how the effects of man-made electromagnetics are impacting the health of humans and animals, including insects like the honey bee. Well worth the time to watch it!