Muscle-Testing Classes


Basic (Level 1) – taught by Dr. Dane Roubos, Integrative Chiropractor

Would you like to have a simple test that can answer all these questions?  

  • Is that tempting food safe for you to eat (with your sensitivities)?
  • Are your supplements free from toxic additives? (most are not!)
  • Are your supplements harmonious with your body? (most are not!)
  • Are your personal care products as healthy as they claim to be? (most are not!)
  • Does that $100 gadget for neutralizing electromagnetic energy actually work for you?
  • Is your nervous system in “overdrive”? (a type of stress response)

Now you can learn a relatively simple test, and answer these questions for yourself and your friends/family.


Topics Covered

  • How to maximize benefits and avoid pitfalls
  • Seven Secret Ingredients for accurate muscle testing
  • Two ways to relieve the “overdrive” situation
  • The One-Second Toxicity Test for food, supplements and personal care products
  • Testing food and supplements for compatibility
  • The modified Omura O-ring test
  • Two more ways to test others
  • Four ways of testing yourself

(Detailed class notes are included)

A series of shorter follow-up classes will be offered for those who want to review, practice and hone their skills (if there is enough interest).

Next Scheduled Class:

A Saturday in Feb or March, 2013

2:00 – 5:00 pm

233 Fourth St.

Ashland, OR


For quality, the class size limited to 10 people

$40 for 1 person

$70 for partners (2)


Pre-Registration and Pre-Payment are Required by 6:00 pm Nov 9
to Hold Your Place

For questions or registration, please call Dr Dane @ 541-821-3263

You can also email him at

Choose a Payment Option
1: Mail or drop off cash or check (made out to Dane Roubos, DC) at 233 Fourth St, Ashland, OR. Use an envelope labeled with "Dr Dane" and include your first & last names, phone number & email address. Put the envelope in the mail slot in the front door. I need this info to send you the class notes and to notify you of any schedule changes.


2: Use PayPal to "send" your payment to Please include your first & last names, phone number & email address in a message box, or send me a separate email with your contact info. I need this info to send you the class notes and to notify you of any schedule changes.


Brief Bio
Dr. Dane has been practicing Chiropractic, and many other healing arts, for over 38 years. He taught at Northwestern College of Chiropractic for 10 years.  He has been using Applied Kinesiology (applied muscle testing) as part of his evaluation & treatment procedures since 1981. 


A Note from Dr. Dane smiley
I am really excited to share this skill with you because it gives you the power to cut through the B.S. in advertising, and discover instantly if something is toxic or not. Wow! And when a food or supplement tests as safe, you can then find out if it's harmonious with your body or someone else's.
Might this skill benefit your health?
Could this ability save you a lot of money (spent on useless supplements, doctor bills, etc)?

The focus is on keeping it simple, being curious, and developing your manual skill. This type of testing is based on a modified Omura O-Ring Test (using the hand and finger muscles), the best-researched muscle-testing method, with many medical studies to back it up. If you have painful joints or hand muscles, a shoulder or hip muscle can be used instead.

Please Trim Your Fingernails
Our primary method will utilize the hand muscles for testing. If your nails are too long, it's easy to poke your partner while testing them. Since this method requires the tips of the thumb and a finger to be held together, it can be uncomfortable for you if you have long nails and you are being tested.

Trimming to 1-2mm beyond the nail bed will work well for most people. If you have serious objections to doing this, please talk with me before the class.


Truth in Advertising

  • While the process is simple, it is still a learned manual skill, which requires practice for accurate results. Being grounded is also helpful.
  • For best accuracy, muscle-testing requires two people. I prefer that you to come with an interested friend or family member if you possibly can. Yes, testing with a partner can be inconvenient – but it is more accurate than self-testing, especially in the beginning. I will try to keep the class at an even number, so everyone has a partner.
  • I will teach you the self-testing methods that I use myself. Self-testing is usually not as accurate as the two-person version, but you can become good at it with practice over time.
  • Your nervous system may have habit patterns, weaknesses or nutritional deficiencies that can affect your accuracy, even with the 2-person test. Nothing is foolproof, despite the claims!