Fees & Insurance

Cancellation and Missed Appointment Fees
Please give 24 hours notice to cancel a visit. There is a $25 fee for canceling a visit the same day it is scheduled.

OOPS! You forgot your appointment altogether, and didn’t call Dr. Dane – bummer for everyone!  You are responsible for your scheduled visit time at a discounted rate of $60 per hour.

Showing up late for your visit
The "clock" starts running at your appointment time, so you will just have a shorter visit that day, but still pay the usual fee for the time that was scheduled. If I’m late for our visit, you only pay for the time you receive that day.

Dr. Dane's Fees
My fees are based on time spent with my clients.  Any additional time I devote to  record-keeping or research is part of the package (within reason).

Quoted fees are based on cash payment at the time of service. They are discounted 15-20% from my regular fee when I am billing insurance. This discount only applies to payment at the time of service. We don't carry a balance for people – it often doesn't work out well.

Initial Visit (60-90 min: $120-180)
Time will vary with complexity. This allows for a good evaluation (checking for important things that other chiropractors don't look for), and your initial treatment.

Follow-Up Visit (regular) (60 min: $120)
Allows for more in-depth work and greater relaxation. Uncovering and treating the underlying causes usually pays for itself many times over.

Follow-Up Visit (short) (30 min: $60)
These shorter visits for those with health insurance or limited budgets.

Methods of Payment
Cash, personal checks, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are accepted. People using PayPal can pay in advance, or make their payment on their smartphone during the visit. Sorry, I do not carry a balance for clients who are paying cash. Please see Insurance, below if you have insurance.

Sliding fee scale (between $60 and $120 per hour) is available for:
kids under 18, single moms, Medicare and 
people on disability who are unable to work

Discount package plans are available  << >>  Fees are subject to change

Free 20-minute Consultation
This is available to prospective clients who want to meet me or Ariel and get a sense of how we might approach their personal health situation. It gives us all a chance to see if we might work well together. Please fill out the New Client Info – Short Form and bring it with you.  If you cannot print internet forms, we will arrange for you to fill out the form in the office.

In some cases, a verbal consultation may be done over the phone. People living out of the area who plan to travel to Ashland for care would be an example of an initial phone consultation.

Personal Injury Insurance (Auto Accidents, Injuries in stores, etc)
Almost everyone has auto insurance, which covers any auto-related injury – even if you're riding in someone else's car, or if you wack yourself with your car door getting in or out. Stores and property owners also have personal injury policies which cover injuries on their property, like if you slip and fall.

You must report the accident to your auto insurance company (or store manager) and get a claim number before we can do any evaluation or treatment. I will need the phone number of the insurance claims person handling your case (usually 24 hours or one business day) before your initial visit.

Health Insurance
Many insurance plans cover "Out of Network" providers. You pay for the visit at the time, and I provide you with a statement that has the necessary codes. You can submit this to your insurance company for reimbursement. There is no extra charge for this on my end, unless the insurance company requests a report, etc.

If you plan to use this option, please give me your insurance info in advance so I can call the company with specific questions. This will usually tell us which procedures are actually covered by your specific policy, how they should be coded, and other “fine print” information. While there are no guarantees, this usually helps us avoid unpleasant surprises.

If your insurance company requests any report or paperwork related to a statement, I will need to charge you for the time to complete it – but only with your authorization.  I would give you an estimate based on what they’re asking for.

Medicare only pays for chiropractic spinal adjustments. They do not cover any of the wonderful therapies I offer, which actually reduce the number or frequency of adjustments or visits you need to reach your goal. So I would rather give you a sliding fee scale along with highly effective therapies and skip the hassle of billing with Medicare. I also extend this offer to people who are unable to work due to disability.