Healing Library

Practical Insights and Supportive Practices for Your Healing Journey

Don’t Shoot the Messenger!
 What do you do when your smoke detector starts shrieking in the middle of the night? Do you unplug it and go back to sleep? Or do you look for the cause of the disturbance?

Why People Don’t Heal
If you have been struggling with a chronic health issue, and have tried several different healing approaches without success, there are probably several reasons why. You will find most of them in this brief synopsis of Hidden Causes.

Breath & Movement
Relax, be more present in each moment, think more clearly and become more connected with your most intimate partner in life – your body.

An Elimination Diet for Food Sensitivities 
A modified diet that eliminates the most likely culprits from your diet, without starving!

Stress Mastery 
Practical articles and simple practices to help you ease your stress, relax more deeply and enjoy each moment.