All About Pain – Part 1: An Overview

© Dane Roubos, D.C.

We all experience some kind of pain or other health problem now and then. Some people seem blessed with good health, while others suffer with chronic pain or other health challenges. I’ll be going beyond “conventional wisdom,” to give you a tour of several “hidden” causes of pain, in addition to some that are commonly known.

If you are struggling with chronic or recurring pain, you may have wondered, “Why me?” It’s a question often asked out of discouragement and frustration, which is certainly understandable.

This series of articles is intended to assist you in moving along the path from “Why me?” to “I see!” Unfortunately, you are not likely to be “cured” by the time you finish reading it. But I will offer new information, ideas and suggestions to help you open some new doorways to further exploration. You might even see how pain can be your "teacher." Hopefully, all of this will bring you closer to “I see!”

To treat pain effectively, we must know something of the many factors which participate in causing it. In our day to day reality, pain and other health problems are caused by the interplay of four broad categories of influence. While they are deeply interrelated, I’m listing them separately for ease of discussion. They are:

  • Physical Structure & Function
  • Mental, Emotional & Spiritual
  • Chemical & Nutritional
  • Environmental

A thorough evaluation and appropriate treatment of the underlying factors can make a huge difference for people with long-standing pain. Because of the huge range of factors that cause pain, it’s rare to find a health care provider who is trained in finding and treating all of these deeper problems. In fact, I’d say it’s darn near impossible for anyone to be skilled and knowledgeable in all four categories of influence.

If you have a relatively simple problem, say, in the structural (muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue) category, you may only need one good practitioner. If things are more complex, or the cause of the problem is more hidden, you will probably need to work with more than one. A good starting place would be a chiropractor or physical therapist, especially if they are also trained in CranioSacral, Lymphatic and Visceral therapies.

Because of the broad territory to be covered, there are several parts to this article:

Part 2 – Is Something Stuck?

  • Scar Tissue Super-Glue
  • Try this Self-Demonstration!
  • A Case Study
  • Other Structural Approaches

Part 3: Inflammation!

  • Inflammation and Insulin (the Junk Food Curse)
  • Inflammation from Food Allergies
  • Use Caution When Taking Pharmaceuticals for Pain
  • Natural Alternatives
  • Deep, Restful Sleep is Required for Healing
  • How Your Diet & Lifestyle Can Cause or Relieve Pain
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D

Part 4: Are Your Lymph and Energy Moving?

  • Practical Application with Pain

Part 5: Beliefs and Stress

  • The Placebo Effect – an Inconvenient Truth
  • Fake Knee Surgery Just as Good as the Real Thing
  • Toxic Thoughts
  • Our Thoughts & Feelings Influence Our Bodies
  • Designing Happiness
  • Stress

Part 6 – Mixed Feelings

  • Allowing Emotional Energy to Flow Through
  • Old Baggage
  • Survival Patterns
  • A Link Between Lifelong Emotional Habits and Type of Disease?

Part 7A: Practical Forgiveness

  • The Bottom Line
  • The Blame Game
  • Conflict and Consciousness
  • Conditions for Healing Old Wounds

Part 7B: Spiritual Support

  • Making the Connection
  • Taking Time
  • Questions to Explore

Part 8: Environmental Causes

  • Headache Pain from Toxic Environments
  • Our Human Environment
  • Connecting with Nature

Part 9: Q & A, Resources

  • This is pretty complicated. Isn't it easier just to take an aspirin?
  • Pain Sucks, How could it be my teacher?
  • Closing Tips
  • Resources