All About Pain – Part 7B: Spiritual Support

© Dane Roubos, D.C.

Making the Connection
The spiritual category includes our personal relationship with our Soul Essence, Spirit (God), or whatever is sacred to us. Feeling a connection with a higher, loving consciousness helps us heal our wounds, and gives us strength when we feel worn down by life’s challenges.

Having some sort of spiritual practice has been shown to reduce stress and help sustain us through the inevitable difficulties that  life brings. It’s best to devote some time to this on a daily basis if you can. I have created some guided imagries to help people connect with their “Spiritual Support Team,” and will be posting them up for download when I get the technical part figured out.

Taking Time
Allowing time for stillness in the midst of busy lives is essential to our balance, creativity and well-being on many levels. Stress manifests in the absence of stillness, and is a major factor in the development of most illnesses, including fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.

Healing can sometimes be miraculous when we have a high level of awareness of our mental, emotional & spiritual aspects, and develop the ability to live in the present moment with a balance between our hearts and minds. Spending time with like-minded people and sharing pursuits also offers a lot of support., and can help us open our heart.

Most of us find it hard to take the time for self-nurturing. This article, The Art of Being Your Own Best Friend, can help you get started and includes many useful tips.

Questions to Explore

  • Do you spend time actively cultivating this relationship, or do you mostly ignore it?
  • Do you nurture your spirit by doing things you love?
  • Can you see the benefit in the adversities in your life?
  • Do you believe that you have support from the spiritual realm, or that you’re being left to struggle on alone?
  • Do you take time just to be still and/or enjoy nature in a quiet way?