Conscious Breathing

Enhance Your Health by Improving Your Breathing

“Breathing may be the master function of the body, affecting all others. Restrictions in breathing can be the result of past traumas, both physical and emotional. Most of us have never received instruction about breathing and how to take advantage of it as a harmonizer of the body.”

Andrew Weil, MD, in Spontaneous Healing

Everyone knows how to breathe, right? Well, it might be more accurate to say that we know enough to get by. Here, I’ll show you . . .

Please take a moment right now, without changing anything, and notice how you’re breathing. Are you breathing into your chest, belly, or both? Is it shallow, medium or deep?

Without changing your posture, take a deep breath (try to fill your belly first) and notice how it feels. Now, sit up tall, lifting from the top of your head and a bit from your breastbone. Take another deep breath, and notice any change in the volume or ease of your breath compared to your former posture.

Most folks readily admit they could do better in the breathing department. Because I feel this is so important, I've prepared a "mini-breathing class" for you. It's a 3-page PDF called Conscious Breathing, and is full of breathing goodies. You can download it for free Here .

Practicing the simple exercises in Conscious Breathing can increase your energy level, improve your mood and help you relax. They say the best things in life are free. A good breath is certainly one of them (don’t leave home without it)! Click the title to view the PDF file.