Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

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What do you do when your smoke detector starts shrieking in the middle of the night? Do you unplug it and go back to sleep? Or do you look for the cause of the disturbance? Common sense would suggest finding the cause, right?

Yet when we have pain, indigestion, fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, or other unpleasant symptoms, most of us have been conditioned to shoot the messenger (silence the alarm). Many of us go for a “quick fix” by taking a drug to block the symptoms and get the “instant relief” we want. 

That's understandable, because debilitating symptoms really get in the way of our busy lives. But what if those annoying symptoms were actually there to alert us to something? What if that headache is the body's messenger saying, “Hey! Pay attention to me – there's something wrong in here and I need some help!

Where there's smoke, there's fire!
A shrill smoke detector can be a “symptom” of fire, and recurring headaches might be symptomatic of anything ranging from an upset neck muscle, to a wheat allergy, blocked acupuncture meridian, high blood pressure, or even a brain tumor.

Working with a natural practitioner can help you determine the underlying cause(s). Whether the issue is mild or serious, the longer we ignore or suppress health symptoms, the more damage is done.  The more damage there is, the harder it is to recover our health as things turn from bad to worse over time.

Thirty nine years of experience in health care and teaching have shown me that symptoms are truly the “tip of the iceberg.” There is always more to symptoms than meets the eye! The real causes are usually hidden from view, until some intuitive testing and detective work brings them to light.

Don't make this mistake: We've all been trained to believe that our body is OK if we feel OK. But an absence of symptoms doesn't insure that there are no problems brewing. Symptoms only appear when the body can no longer compensate for a developing problem. The first symptom of a heart problem is often a fatal heart attack. A thorough holistic doctor can often spot a developing problem before it becomes symptomatic – giving you the opportunity to take preventive steps now, before obvious trouble begins.

Are Your Symptoms Actually Blessings in Disguise?
If we are willing to approach our symptoms with a sense of curiosity, they can lead us to a breakthrough as we follow the trail to their hidden causes.

We can engage our inner wisdom in the healing process by being willing to explore a possible “message” or metaphor contained in a particular health issue. For example, who or what might be a “pain in the neck” in your life?

We've worked with a lot of people who were able to make empowering new life choices after realizing that their body was trying to tell them something. They avoided a health disaster by honoring the message and taking common sense action steps.

Many people have embraced the principle of “Healing the Whole,” which offers far more than the disappearance of symptoms. Deeper healing gets to the hidden roots of the problem. This clears the way for more lasting health, and helps prevent future suffering, debility and expense.

How to Ask the Right Questions
In times of distress, your first question might be, "How can I get rid of this?" This would be "shooting the messenger," wouldn't it? This is a normal knee-jerk reaction, because avoiding pain or discomfort is a natural survival response. Of course, use your common sense. But unless something serious is going on, you can probably pause for a moment and get curious.

Before you rush off in search of relief, here are some great questions to ask your "inner wisdom" when symptoms crop up. This is inviting the messenger in for tea:

  • Is my body trying to tell me something?
  • If there were a message in these symptoms, what might it be?
  • Is something out of balance in my life?
  • Am I doing something I don't want to be doing?
  • Is there something I need to let go of?
  • Is it important for me to get some help with this?

In response to these questions, you might see a picture in your mind's eye, feel something in your body, have a thought or "knowing" in your mind, or maybe hear a wisper in your ear. It might be subtle, or a real forehead slapper. Either way, spending some time exploring any response is likely to be beneficial.

As part of your health team, we ask a lot of questions as we search for the underlying causes of your health concerns. Many of our questions are addressed to your body and your subconscious mind – the inner wisdom that mediates all the processes that keep you alive.

We ask many of these questions through muscle testing, and intuition. This allows us to focus our therapies on those hidden causes that need our help the most, in the best timing for your system. With this approach, there is less liklihood of a flare-up from the treatment.

Asking the right questions and treating the underlying causes strengthens and harmonizes your entire system as the blocks to good health are gradually cleared away.

It's Your Choice
True healing is a process of working down through the layers to clear the blocks to good health. Part of this process may be an exploration of your relationship with your personal health challenges. Do you resist your health issues and try to push them away? Do you judge yourself or blame another for their presence?

If so, we encourage you to consider your “health problems” as valuable “messengers” to be appreciated and understood. Accepting your symptoms doesn't mean you quit working toward your healing. It means you are willing to see them as a potential ally bearing useful information, instead of an enemy that has to be attacked.

Some people aren't able to commit to delving into the deeper causes, and that's OK. My blended approach of gentle natural symptom relief, along with some initial clearing of a few hidden causes usually brings rapid relief for most people, depending on the issue. Either way, I will do my best to support you in achieving your personal health goals.

Take the Next Step
Our body-mind systems have an innate capacity for vitality, clarity and happiness when they receive the right support. Each individual needs different kinds of support to facilitate their healing process. Natural therapies specific to your needs are available now, if you are ready to make the journey. Why wait any longer?

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