4 Secrets to Healing Chronic Pain & Illness

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Struggling with a long-standing health challenge can be draining, debilitating and discouraging. To make matters worse, we tend to blame ourselves for developing the condition in the first place. We might even be angry at God for the injustice of it all. Then, there's the worry that won't go away . . .

While we know these thoughts aren’t helping, we just can’t seem to stop them. All this spells “stress,” and it can be a downward spiral. If only there was a way to find our center again and gather our resources . . .  Well, actually, there is! Lend me your attention for a minute and see if this makes sense to you.

What Does “Healing” Really Mean?
When we’re hurting, we just want it all to go away, like yesterday! This is usually what our idea of healing is: a miracle happens and the suffering is suddenly over! Yes, this happens sometimes, when the Divine has a reason for it.

Perhaps there is a different reason in your case. Maybe this challenge is here to provide you with an opportunity for a different kind of healing. Naturally, you want the outer miracle, but what if you’re being asked to participate in another sort of miracle – the kind that comes from an inner journey – an inner healing.

What do I mean by an "inner healing?" This might be different for each of is, but here are some ideas: acceptance of our present circumstance and allowing ourself to have our honest feelings about it without stuck in them; forgiveness of self and others in our past for things done or not done; a test of faith; learning something we needed to learn; facing something we needed to face; being a good role model for others (like our children) by facing a challenge and using it as an opportunity for personal healing and spiritual growth.

Esoteric meanings aside, perhaps it’s a lesson as simple as “OK, I get it. I really need to take better care of myself!” Regardless of meaning, there is always something to learn in life, and many ways to grow.

The “secrets” I’m about to share with you are really about making use our health challenges to deepen our self-understanding and connection to Spirit. Hopefully, we can also bless the lives of those around us as we go through our healing process, regardless of the outcome of the illness.

Secret #1: Make Yourself Stress-Proof – the 7 Skills for Successful Living
As you work with a coach to clarify your goals, core values and beliefs, you can move forward knowing that what you want to create is aligned with all aspects of your innermost self. No more holding back due to confusion or inner conflict!

Holistic Coaching incorporates many aspects of your life into the process, and there will be a lot of self-assessment. I typically help you explore, and develop skills in these foundational areas:

  • Balanced Self-care
  • Mindfulness & Self-Understanding
  • Mining the Gold in Your Past
  • Self-Compassion
  • Your Relationships with Others
  • Inspiring Vision and Achievable Goals
  • A Meaningful Spiritual Life

Strengthening your skills in these areas helps you move confidently through life’s challenges in more creative and graceful ways. This is the stuff that “waters your garden” and feeds your soul. Building these skills will make everything else in your life (like healing) easier. Other “side effects” could include greater happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment and peace of mind.

Secret #2: Dissolve Your “Illness Anchors”
In my 30 years of chiropractic and teaching experience, I discovered something of great value for people challenged by chronic pain or illness.

For virtually all health conditions, there is a collection of underlying causes. I call them “Illness Anchors.” The name implies that they “hold” the illness or disease in place, by interfering with the body’s healing process. If these aren’t addressed, healing may be difficult, and sometimes impossible.

Illness Anchors aren’t usually obvious. They’re found on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our being, but most doctors only look on the physical level to find the problem. While the physical level is very important, it’s only part of the story. Finding the Illness Anchors requires a more holistic approach. Here's an article that briefly describes what these levels are about: Healthy LIfe – Healing On All Four Levels.

The most common Illness Anchor I find on the physical level is old trauma lodged in the spine, organs, muscles or energy field. These blockages usually go unnoticed because most practitioners aren’t trained to find them. Devoting some time to the foundational practices mentioned above will help address some of the anchors on all the levels. For others, you may need professional support. It’s a wonderful thing to do for yourself!

Secret #3:  Yourself – In Action!
You probably know a lot about your condition. Most people with a chronic condition have done some research. While we all need to discern the good information (likely to be helpful) from the bad (could make you worse), there is nothing like taking appropriate action to catalyze your healing process.

It’s obvious that something needs to change if you want a chance at healing. Continuing to think and act in the same old ways will only create more of what you already have. Fresh insight and new choices are required to change your life and health. The right coach can help you with this transformative process.

Re-visiting your core values and building a solid foundation of self-care is a great place to start. This can greatly increase your chances of healing. Being willing to explore your feelings about your health condition, especially with a good coach or counselor, is a powerful action. With me as your coach, we'll be crafting a personalized action plan, and I’ll support you in maintaining a consistent practice.

Secret #4: Effective Support Aligned With Your Values
Now that you know that Illness Anchors can interfere with your healing process from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and that taking action is important, what do you do? You may need to go beyond the halls of modern medicine to find the extra help you need.

While my work addresses Illness Anchors and Self-Care on all four levels, no one can "do it all." When deemed appropriate, one or more referrals may be made for additional support after our consultation.

“Effective coaching is a “gift that keeps on giving.” The positive effects will continue to provide benefits long after our work together has ended. I help people who struggle with chronic pain, illness and stress. If you’re willing to embark on a journey with me, it’s possible for you to experience healing, comfort and new possibilities . . . rippling beyond your body and into your life, relationships, and your work in the world.”

You may qualify for a Complimentary Coaching Consultation to explore your possibilities!

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