What is Healthy Life Coaching With Dr. Dane?

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What's Possible for You?
Do you "have a dream?" Is there something you dearly desire to create or experience in your life? Are you feeling discouraged because you've tried to achieve such a goal without success?

If you want to create healing in your life, or other positive change, your ability to bring that into reality depends a lot on the foundation that you're standing on and the support you have in your life (both internally and externally).

In addition to supporting you in reaching your immediate goal, I also help you build or strengthen your foundation. That way, you can apply the awareness you've gained and the skills you've learned to your next creations.

It's transformative, really. In the end, you've built a solid foundation that supports you in creating all those things that matter most to you. Old, unproductive habits and limiting beliefs that were keeping you from reaching your goals have been exchanged for new ways of being that bring out the best in you and allow your light to shine.enlightened

Our Partnership
Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach, as equals. The big picture is about achieving your goals, and developing your skills in the process. I also guide you on a deeper journey: clarifying your values, discovery and self-mastery. You'll gain new insights into yourself. We'll look at what might get in your way, and create a support system to help you navigate around those pitfalls.

While I'll offer suggestions, I won't be telling you what to do. I'll guide you through some processes to help you gain clarity, and you will choose your own goals, guided by your core values. This helps you develop your self-awareness and decision-making skills.

Build Your Stress-Proof Foundation – 7 Skills for Successful Living
As you clarify your core values, beliefs and goals, you can move forward knowing that what you want to create is aligned with all aspects of your innermost self. No more holding back due to confusion or inner conflict!

Holistic Coaching incorporates many aspects of your life into the process, I help you explore and develop skills in these foundational areas:

  • Balanced Self-care
  • Mindfulness & Self-Understanding    
  • Mining the Gold in Your Past  
  • Self-Compassion
  • Relationships with Others
  • Inspiring Vision and Goals
  • A Meaningful Spiritual Life

As you build this foundation, your "inner & outer support teams" begin to show up and go to work for you. You remember empowering experiences you'd forgotten about, important times when you felt loved and appreciated, and connect with those parts of yourself that really want you to succeed. You'll connect more clearly with your Spiritual Team, and feel their loving, supportive presence.

Strengthening your skills in these areas helps you move confidently through life's challenges in more creative and resourceful ways. The positive effects will ripple out into your entire life and provide unexpected benefits. The best thing is that you don't have to do it all at once. I'll support you in doing what you can – even if it's only a bit each day.

Change Out-Dated Thoughts and Beliefs
Most of our thinking is habitual. 95% of what we think today is essentially the same as what we thought yesterday. This tends to keep us stuck in old, unproductive ways of doing things. In addition, most of us have beliefs (conscious and non-conscious) that limit our ability to receive the good that wants to come to us, and our ability to share our gifts with the world.

Self-doubt, self-criticism and strange ways of shooting ourselves in the foot seem to come along with being human. The good news is that this can be changed over time through practicing the foundational skills mentioned above. Modern neuroscience research has proven this.

Asking powerful questions is another way to help you think and see things in new, creative ways. And there are other tools that accelerate transformation of these self-defeating patterns.

Craft A Do-Able Plan
You're much more likely to reach your intended destination (goal) if you have a map that will take you there.  We craft your map together, considering your unique situation.  Your journey will include both inner and outer actions. I'll be your accountability partner, supporting you in achieving those goals that are most important to you, one step at a time.

Pause a moment to imagine you have achieved your intended goal and completed that part of your journey. Allow yourself to experience this. How do feel? Savor that! What do you see? Is anyone there with you?

Your Next Success Step
Positive change rarely happens by itself. It's intentional, and requires action on our part. Relying on our old patterns may not get us where we want to go. Having an ally who knows the territory and will keep you on the path is an invaluable asset.

I can coach you in person, or at a distance via phone and internet. The process is very adaptable to meet your needs. Please see Coaching and Healing Services for fees and packages. Coaching is offered separately or in combination with Holistic Chiropractic and Healing services.

Effective coaching is the "gift that keeps on giving." The positive effects ripple out into your entire life, continuing to provide benefits long after our partnership has ended, because you've established a deeper partnership with yourself!

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A Little Background on Coaching
The Coaching profession is relatively new on the scene, having started in the 1980's. It has proven itself in many different fields of application, where it's helped people set and reach better goals, accomplish more than they could on their own, and improve their focus so they could achieve results more quickly.

While coaching mostly focuses on a person's present state of mind and their future potential, it can helpful to look back in time. We can create a better future when we're informed by the lessons in our past, and we can  re-connect with powerful resources of our past successes and feeling supported.

Coaching Is Different From Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy focuses more on the past, and on the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and nervous disorders. Its goals include understanding the deeper issues that create a person's symptoms, and changing dysfunctional behaviors.

Psychotherapy is a licensed profession, and is often covered by insurance. Coaching is not yet licensed in any state, but there are a few certifying agencies. Coaching services are not billable to insurance.

In between the two professions we find some common ground. Both intend to help with self-awareness, confidence, and the ability to have better relationships. Both want their clients to be happier, self-actualized and productive.