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What's it Like to Work with Dr. Dane?  A client shares her healing process . . .
"I was unable to walk or stand without intense pain – my body was literally not holding me up. I’d had a lot of hip pain for a month, and was getting scared about my growing physical limitations, and not knowing what was causing the problem. I couldn’t reach for things or even turn my head without sharp pain in my hip and down my left leg into my foot.

When my osteopath said there was nothing more he could do and suggested prolotherapy, I realized this was very serious. I was afraid that if I didn’t find out what was causing the problem I might wind up in a wheelchair! . . ."

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Vertigo – Dizziness
I drove 4 hours to see Dr. Dane for debilitating head pressure, nausea and dizziness which I'd had for 6 weeks. I was much better after our first session. I've now had five visits over 6 weeks (two trips), and I feel like a new person!

I felt very safe and was able to relax and let go. I felt a wonderful peaceful presence in my body as he worked. After each visit I experienced a profound "unwinding" as my body continued to relax.

I also had a strong awareness of my precious life force during each session, and he's inspired me to care for myself in a new way to maintain my health. Dr. Dane has helped me out of a dark passage (the past 2 years), and I'm excited about life again!
                                                                                      Ningay, Arcata, CA

Frozen Shoulder
I have had 4 sessions so far with Dr. Dane for my frozen shoulder symptoms. He has helped me immensely! I  have now gained about 75% rotation back and much lessening of pain. It's been well worth the 2 hour drive each way!

I liked the fact that Dr. Dane gave me exercises and techniques to practice at home. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,  Dr. Dane!

Diana A., Roseburg, OR

Chronic Bladder Infections
"Prior to seeing Dr. Dane, I was suffering from recurring bladder infections for about 4 years.  I came to see him for a tailbone injury, but we quickly found I was harboring an old emotional scar that was manifesting  physically and hindering my healing process

"Since our first session together, almost a year ago, I haven't had a single bladder infection. With his help, I was able to identify and release that old abusive wound. It was such a gentle, heartful process. I felt like a heavy blanket was lifted off of me. What a relief! The tailbone pain cleared quickly after that first visit, too."

Linda B., Jacksonville, OR

Constant Shoulder & Arm Pain
“After being in nearly constant pain for five years from a shoulder injury, I am almost free of it after just three visits, thanks to Dr. Dane. I worked with many other doctors over those years, including a chiropractic shoulder specialist, and none of them were able to bring an end to my pain. Dr. Dane did!

“My quality of life has been greatly improved as a result of his gifts and I strongly recommend him to anyone. You can’t miss when you find someone who is this skilled at getting to the root of the problem!”

Rev. Kelley Springer, Talent, OR

Bad Auto Accident
“Within a few days of a double roll-over in my car, I developed some serious neck, shoulder and low back/hip pain. I also began experiencing debilitating brain fog, short-term memory loss and difficulty concentrating, along with physical and emotional fatigue and a general malaise that were not at all normal for me.

“My massage therapist referred me to Dr. Dane Roubos, who treated with me with CranioSacral Therapy, energy healing, his special muscle work, and many other gentle therapies. He was patient, understanding and had a refreshing lack of agenda as he let my body lead the way.

“In just a little over 2 months I’ve regained at least 90% of my function, and feel like myself again. Working with Dr. Dane has been an uplifting and enlightening experience. I feel extremely grateful and would recommend his wonderful work to anyone!”

Paula Bandy, Ashland, OR

Shoulder & Arm Pain
“I had shoulder pain radiating into my arm for three weeks, and sought help from another natural health provider, with little change. I had to cut back on work due to declining range of motion and increasing pain.

“Then, in one session with Dane I was relieved of 95% of my symptoms. I learn more about myself each time I see him, due to his astute inquiries and thorough testing. After sessions, I feel deeply nourished and held in the highest regard. I appreciate being seen from a whole person perspective.

"Dane holds a “safe space,” and I get to deeply experience my integrated self…body, heart, mind and spirit. I am so grateful for his help, and highly recommend his work!”

Holly MacGowan – Ashland, OR

Chronic Shoulder Pain & Limitation
“Chronic shoulder/rotator cuff pain has been limiting my arm movement for many years; an old athletic injury. Other practitioners have worked on it, giving improvement for a day or two, at best.

“After three visits with Dane (over two weeks), the pain is almost gone and the range of pain-free movement is greatly improved, much to my delight! The treatments were deeply relaxing, healing far more than just the shoulder, as he moved his gentle healing skill to the liver, lymphatics and other tissues related to the shoulder problem.

“He also gave dietary suggestions which I’ve found very helpful. This is good work!”

C. Martin, Entrepreneur – Ashland, OR

Effective, Mulit-faceted Approach
“I have experienced many forms of body work and chiropractic care. As an acupressurist, I am very sensitive to energy and particular about how practitioners work with me. I have been extremely pleased with both the healing experience and the effectiveness of Dane’s work. He consistently got to the emotional and spiritual roots of the problems I came in with (various pains in my neck, joints and back).

“Dane’s approach addresses all aspects of healing and I rarely needed to come back for the same problem. I feel truly blessed to have found him and his work!”

Nancy Saslow, Acupressurist & Energy Healer, Minnetonka, MN

Chronic Low Back & Leg Pain
“By the time my acupuncturist referred me to Dr. Roubos, I had seen at least five specialists throughout the Midwest and various alternative therapy practitioners regarding my low back and radiating leg pain. I was soon able to walk without pain for the first time in eight months.

“Dane succeeding, where other therapists could not, is due to his deep, deep understanding of the human body, his ability to move seamlessly from one healing modality to another, and his spiritual understanding of the mind-body-soul connection. Dane is a true healer and I am forever grateful for his work with me.”

Kathleen Larsen, Retired Teacher, Northfield, MN

Chronic Hip and Leg Pain
“I had chronic hip and leg pain for which I had sought help from an orthopedic sports specialist, physical therapist (for six months) and a chiropractor (for 2 years).

“In just a few visits Dane took my healing further than the other three together. The pain is almost gone and my full flexibility is returning. I always leave his office feeling I’ve taken another step forward on my path to total health!”

Laura Erdman-Luntz, Co-Director, Center for Healthy Living, Eden Prairie, MN

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