Healing Stories for Lotus


Healing Work

"I have known Sheri White (Lotus) for about ten years now.  I first met her at a Feng Shui workshop in Medford, Oregon.  She came up to me during a break and said that she knew why she had attended this workshop.  It was to meet me and help me with my 16 year old son, Kevin.  My husband and I were having an extremely difficult time dealing with his behavior.  Sheri, literally, came to our rescue.

 "Once I convinced our son to try and see Sheri, everything fell into place.  Through a series of healing techniques, she was able to put our son on the right path.  It was like turning a light switch "on."
 "Once of the great benefits was that Kevin really connected with Sheri and trusted her and continued, on his own, to see her.  Over the next several months, Sheri worked on and with Kevin to improve his attitude, self confidence and anger.  It was amazing to see the difference.  She also gve me tips on how to support this new behavior so that we could all live in harmony. I will be forever grateful to her for the work she did with him.
"Not only did she give freely of herself and her healing gifts but she continues to give to everyone around her.  Sheri is always enlightening me on one thing or another.  It's wonderful!  I so appreciate her wanting the best for people, animals and the planet."

Sarah M. – Medford, Oregon

"Lotus is an authentic and amazing healer. She can reach areas that others cannot because of her deep understanding and connection to divine consciousness. Welcome her into your healing experience whether it's for physical mental emotional or spiritual, she will help you to the wonders of your Self.  

"The people of Kauai will be excited to have her beautiful healing energy there.  May joy be yours."

Shazna, Ashland, Oregon

"My name is Honey Metcalf. Lotus White and I are not only colleagues of hypnotherapy but also dear friends. We met each other during training for hypnotherapy certification in ashland oregon. It was not long before it was clear to me that lotus had many gifts. Not only has she been trained in a myriad of healing techniques as well as a master yogini but is also an extremely gifted intuitive.
"I have know her to only work with the utmost integrity and authenticity. This applies to her friendships as well and she has assisted me in my own healing and self discovery. Although Lotus has had extensive training in so many areas she possesses a quality that I consider to be one of the most valuable above all, and that is, that she truly comes "from the heart"… the seat of the soul.
"In these troubled times we are all trying to remember how to live in the place of our hearts…that place of peace, authenticity, connection and grace…to live our lives with quality and truth. My dear friend and colleague Lotus is a wonderful choice, along with her entourage of angelic guides, for anyone welcoming an assistant, guide and/or master into their life. Personally, she has been a wonderful blessing in mine."

Honey Metcalf, Oregon


"Lotus White is truly the most amazing healer I have had the honor of working with.  I attribute the awakening of my inner healer to the work I have done with Lotus over the years.  Her ability to intuit what is going on, to work on the energetic level, to inspire clients to make changes in their lives that focus them in new directions towards a more healthful and rewarding path, is remarkable.

"In addition to personally experiencing the power of her healing abilities multiple times over many years, all three of my children and several of my siblings have also done work with Lotus.  Without exception, each one has felt that the process was profound.

"Lotus has given each of us a precious gift and we love and esteem her not only for the power of her healing touch but for her passion and commitment to help others on their healing journeys.  We are deeply grateful.  I encourage anyone we has the opportunity,  to give themselves the gift of working with Lotus."

Ellie Thivierge

"Sheri (Lotus) White is the real deal…she is very perceptive and attuned to her clients as a healer. I have witnessed the energy flowing from her, her visual awareness of the energy needs of the individual and the healing results received by her transfer of the divine healing energy. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking insight into their physical, mental or spiritual health. She is an honest, sincere and powerful channel for love."

K B, Santa Fe, NM

Yoga Teaching

"I have been doing yoga for over 40 years and trained with several teachers in various traditions in vastly different geographical locations, and Lotus is absolutely unique among them! I have never encountered such a rich, synergistic, multi-dimensional approach to embodying the essence of yoga practice as that offered by Lotus. It's truly phenomenal!"

Bianca P.
Ashland, Oregon

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