Spiritual Healing

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Ariel and I believe that our health and well-being are determined by the balance and integrity of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. In our experience, it really helps when our clients incorporate that which is sacred to them into their healing process.

Science has provided many important understandings, but it doesn't have all the answers. Spirituality provides heart and soul, though it's more effective when grounded and balanced in physical reality.

When it's acceptable to our clients, we prefer to blend the Sacred with the scientific to give them the benefits of both worlds. It allows us to work effectively with a wide variety of health and life challenges.

It's the Energy
Science has proven that everything (including human beings) is composed of energy.

"Matter is Energy.
 Energy is Light.
 We are all Light Beings."

               Albert Einstein

Unfortunately, most of the discoveries in the paradigm-shifting world of quantum physics over the past 70 years have not yet been integrated onto "modern" medicine, which is still operating on the "old" physics.

At Graceful Way Healing Arts, we embrace these scientific revelations because:

  • they help our clients achieve real improvement and empowerment
  • they confirm our own experience of the healing process
  • the "new" science confirms what the indigenous cultures have known for millennia
  • it simply makes sense

Two Important Spiritual Healing Systems
While some aspect of "energy medicine" is woven into just about every visit we have with a client, there are two particular healing systems which we utilize that require a full visit (one hour) all to themselves.

Before I tell you about them, I want to offer a "reality check" about this type of spiritual healing. For the most part, it works gently and over time. Sure, miracles happen once in a while, but for most of us it's a gradual process.

The divine beings who are actually doing the work aren't really into the flashy Hollywood thing. They seem to be more concerned with a smooth integration of the changes into your life.

I received a "blessing" from a spiritual master a few years ago, and then my life fell apart. It was "good" in the end, but it wasn't fun along the way. I highly recommend the gradual approach! smiley

Prema Birthing

Rising Star