Prema Birthing Healing System

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A Prema Birthing healing is gentle, deep and powerful – a spiritual rebirthing process guided by the Divine Mother. It helps you let go of old "contracts" made before your birth that are no longer serving you, and helps to make your path easier to walk.

Essentially, it disconnects the old psychic cords between you and your birth parents, clear old contracts that are no longer appropriate, and connects you with your real parents – the Divine Mother and Father.

My prema birthing session with Dr. Dane was a quiet, gentle and meditative experience.  I had visions of my birth parents being released and carefree while still feeling their love and healthy connection.  Since my session I have returned to a more youthful, innocent and fun spirit and in turn have felt an enhancement of self confidence and self acceptance.  These changes have led to better connections with friends and family and more overall joy in life.  I feel stronger and more capable than I have in many years.  It is fantastic!


What's a Session Like?
Your practitioner will spend some time with you before the healing to make sure you understand the context of the healing and what will happen.

For the healing, you will be lying down in a fetal position and there will usually be some soft music playing. Your practitioner will slowly and gently move your body in small increments. If you are sensitive, you will feel the supportive energies around you as the healing progresses.

Several things are gently happening along the way, and you eventually wind up on your back. That is the basic physical part of the process. The real healing is done by the Divine Mother and  the Masters, and there is a lot going on. The Prema Birthing process can clear dis-ease from all levels of your being – mind, body, and spirit, as appropriate in your personal situation.

It's not unusual for a person to feel "spacy" afterward. If you are scheduling a Prema Birthing, it's best to have some time set aside where you can just enjoy your peaceful state afterwards, without demands or other interruptions.

After Your Session
After your session, the Divine Mother and  the Masters will continue to work with you for a period of three months. This time can be blissful or up and down. However it turns out, it is all part of the releasing and healing process. Unlike the Rising Star, there is no need to avoid other healing work after your session.

When the body receives a lot of energy, it can sometimes go into a mild detoxification. We recommend drinking a lot of water for the next two days, preferably with some real lemon added.

People commonly report feeling deep peace and nurturing during their session. In the days following, it's not unusual for someone to say they've experienced a spontaneous shift in their relationship with one or more family members. Things often become easier.

The Prema Birthing Healing System was brought through in present times by Derek O'Neill. It's not a new technique. It can be traced back to many cultures, such as the ancient sleep temples of Egypt, the secret teachings of the mystery schools around the world, and even the Tibetan and Hindu yogi secrets. These traditions know that the mind is the creator and manifestor of our lives.

Both Ariel and Dr. Dane have been trained to facilitate Prema Birthing healings. They were initiated to hold the sacred space and carry the energies. They are also Prema Birthing teachers. 

Prema Birthing is not usually done for children under 18, unless there are special circumstances, parental permission, and guidance suggests that it would be appropriate.

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