Quantum Reflex Analysis

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QRA is an integrated holistic system of natural health care which effectively addresses many of the key components of human health and well-being.  It was developed by Robert Marshall, PhD.  At its core, it is based on the ground-breaking research of scientists like Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, a noted German biophysicist, who extensively studied the energetic nature of the human body in health and disease.

QRA includes:

  • Evaluating the core systems in the body for strength and communication, using key acupuncture meridian points and a modified “O-ring” muscle test – the most reliable and best researched.
  • Providing the correct dose of high-resonance live-source nutrient support (non-synthetic and free of toxic additives) as indicated by each body system and the Whole.
  • Locating and clearing "Interference Fields" within the body that are weakening body systems and preventing full healing from taking place.  See below.
  • Custom-blended clay or castor oil packs and specific nutrient support for stressed or toxic organs.
  • Appropriate detoxification with coffee/herbal enemas and different liver flushes for the digestive system.
  • Effective nutritional/herbal therapies for acute or chronic infections with bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, or parasites.
  • Identifying and clearing emotional stress from past experiences or traumatic situations.
  • Testing the person’s BioField, home, or work environment for adverse electromagnetic and energetic frequencies and providing clearing & remediation as needed. Strenghtening their environment so it supports and nurtures.

Interference Fields
Interference fields are one of the most important “hidden factors” that can prevent healing from taking place, despite the best practitioners, therapies, nutrients, lifestyle and inner work. I call them hidden factors because most health care practitioners are not aware of them and have not been trained to locate or treat them.  We don’t know what we don’t know . . .   

Interference fields (IF’s) disrupt the normal, healthy flow of energy in the body, especially in the acupuncture meridian system. IF’s usually cause distant tissues, glands or organs to malfunction, resulting in a staggering array of symptoms and chronic health problems.  These problems usually resist many different treatments.  But rapid (and occasionally instantaneous) improvement often occurs with the right gentle releasing and rebalancing work.

Interference fields most commonly come from scars, injury sites, and sometimes hidden infections. Their impact generally increases over time, affecting more areas and systems in the body.  Symptoms may not become apparent until 5-40 years after a surgery or injury.  This delay makes it difficult to establish the link between the two, when using common methods.  QRA allows us to find and treat these connections. Suspect an IF if your symptoms are not improving with treatment.

In addition to scars, old injuries and vaccination sites, the following have also been known to generate interference fields (many come from toxic commercial beauty or skin care products, (including most so-called “natural” ones):

  • Birth scars (episiotomies, C-sections)
  • Hidden Dental Infections
  • Circumcision Scar
  • Fingernails & Toenails (toxins in polish)
  • Around the eyes & eyelids
  • Lips & Eyebrows (toxins in beauty products)
  • Pierced Ears or Navel
  • Perfume or Aftershave (chemicals)
  • Hair Plugs (baldness treatment)
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Tattoos (heavy metals & toxins in dyes)
  • Scalp (hair dyes & perms)
  • Vaginal Area (spermacides, etc)
  • Sunscreen areas (chemicals)
  • Armpits (toxins in deodorant)

Bear in mind that everyone is different.  What creates a problem for one person may not create it in another, or may do it in a completely different way.  Each person must be tested individually to find their particular pattern and direct the therapies accordingly.

Some IF’s can be cleared with a hands-on “release” or “unwinding.”  Others require custom clay packs or castor oil packs to clear the field and remove toxins. While 1 or 2 sessions can provide profound healing, it can also be more of a “process,” requiring a series of visits to address different aspects of a chronic issue. The clay packs are usually done at home, with specific instructions from Dr. Dane.